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sex drive mad

sex drive mad

What is Hajar Hell?

Hajar Hell is a traditional tonic for the Egyptian durable. 100% Natural Herbal derived from the sap of a tree that only grows in Egypt and Pakistan. Distributed in the form of slabs of rock, so the sap is collected and allowed to harden like stone. Hajar Jahannam very well known efficacy in arresting premature ejaculation. It was said that this was once a beat jahannam secret ingredient that is used only by the king of Egyptian kings.
Exoticism Hajar Hell
Long ago, Hajar Hell brought into Indonesia by the pilgrims as souvenirs by pilgrims. Hajar Jahannam a durable remedy that is very unique because of its stones. Not much if Hajar Jahannam called the most exotic sex drug.
Hell kick ass awesomeness
The man who first put them beat jahannam usually very enthusiastic and excited. It is very reasonable. Hajar Hell to hold ejaculation air hours. There are even some of our customers who do not ejaculate at all, his hurried tired. Therefore, make sure you're fit body condition before you apply beat Hell. Because Hajar Hell just delay premature ejaculation is not to add to the tension

How to use

How to use beat Hell is smeared evenly at the bottom of the penis. At the time smeared penis must be in a state of erection, or at least not in a state to expand. Give smear more on the sensitive parts of the penis such as the bottom of the neck, the former connection circumcision. If deemed necessary the head of the penis may also smeared.
Having smeared wait 30 minutes to 1 hour. Reaction will be felt after 30 minutes, sometimes warm reaction will have an 1 hour after topical. So please be patient and do not add to smear before 1 o'clock. After that wash your penis with soap to clean. Make sure no beat left in your penis. In this stage you feel warm and your skin will feel numb penis. Some people are too much greasing, his penis will be difficult to heat and erection.
If you experience any of the above are hard erection penis, do not panic, it's normal, your penis because of the heat shock. All you have to do is lubricate your penis that feels hot with vegetable oil to reduce heat. Take a break and wait until the heat is lost. Once the heat is lost before you can start having sex with your wife. Do not forget to pray "Allahuma janibnis syaithon janibis syaithona wa ma rozaktana ..."



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Moraccan Mud
Model: REF901
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INR :350.00
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